Reading and writing assignment (due Friday, February 21, 2020)

  • Select a classmate with whom to work on this project.
  • Find out who Peter Denning is.
  • Select an article from one of these lists of articles by Peter Denning.

  • Read the article that you have chosen. Read it more than once. Take notes. Talk about it with your partner.
  • Compose a summary of the article that you have chosen. This can take the form of an outline (an organized collection of fragments of sentences) or an essay (complete sentences and paragraphs). This summary should be 1 to 2 pages long. This summary will be the basis of a presentation that you will make from the front of the room to your classmates.
  • Compose 8 slides. You will project these slides during your talk. These slides will help your audience follow your presentation. Your first slide will contain a title. Your last slide will tells us where we can go to learn more. The six slides in the middle will contain your important points.
  • Plan on speaking before the class for 10 minutes. Practice at home to get the length right, to gain confidence, and to polish your presentation.

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