Work due during Week 4

  1. Please locate an article or video recording on the Web that will help us broaden our understanding of computer science and the computing profession. You may choose one of the articles and videos that I recommend on Moodle or may choose something that you find on your own. You do not need to select an article or video recording whose subject is operating systems. Read the article or view the video recording. If you encounter unfamiliar term or concepts, look for definitions and explanations in other resources. Prepare six to eight slides and a ten minute talk. Share your presentation with us on Wednesday or Thursday.
  2. Follow along as we develop a program that simulates how an operating system allocates space for files on a disk. Increase your knowledge and skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Show me that you understand what I am sharing with you. On Wednesday or Thursday, show me that you have modified or extended the project.
  3. Follow my presentations, take notes, and search for information on the Web with me as we learn how to design that part of an operating system that manages files.

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