Exam 1 outline

Exam 1 will cover chapters 1 - 12 of our text.

The exam will be Wednesday morning, starting at 9 a.m. It should take around an hour, but students will have until noon. The exam is closed book and closed notes and other devices, but calculators will be allowed (and recommended).

The exam will primarily consist of problems like homework problems you have worked on. It will also include a significant number of questions related to our newly acquired technical vocabulary, from fill in the blank to short answers of a sentence or two.

You can expect problems on:

<to be completed during our Tuesday classes>


Algebraic finding of fixed points

Graphical iterates

Criteria for Chaos

Time series


Chapter 8 short answer

Bifurcation diagram

Material from Ch. 1 - 12 that will NOT be on the exam:

epsilon-delta definition of SDIC.

Lyaponov exponents

Sharkovsky ordering

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